The newly designed logo depicts the upscale, rural & historic setting for this unique event venue.


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This logo option speaks to the Inn’s classic, elegant and unique setting along the Raritan River.



Brand Positioning, New Identity, Website


The Inn is a gem in rural New Jersey, yet viewers to their previous site weren’t given a sense of it’s unique and upscale character, nor a clear understanding of it’s varied usages. They were unaware of the diversity and creative possibilities that is has to offer. I set out to make certain that they do.

Brand positioning was explored and defined, providing directive for identity and content. I visited the Inn to learn and feel what it would be like to host an event here, and through conversations determined what their target audience needs to see and hear in order to know they’ve found the place that’s perfect for their event, meeting or stay.

The result is an organized, thorough yet concise, and easy to navigate site that feels like a visit to the Inn, with a logo/identity to match.

Just one month after the new site was live, the Inn’s owner was hearing compliments on the new site and seeing a significant increase in interest for holding events at the Inn - ”I’ve had more calls for elopements in the last month than over the course of the last year.” See testimonials

Brand Positioning
Logo & Brand Identity
Content Directive and Editing
Website Design, built on Squarespace
Photo Selections
Photo Retouching
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