Through open communication and dedicated effort, I make our relationship a top priority.




I will be your contact from your project’s inception to completion, and love to keep a relationship going so I can continue to provide you with a consistent standard of work for your marketing.

While I complete the majority of the work that Visual Insights offers, sometimes projects need the additional help of a specialized writer, photographer, videographer, developer, etc. I rely on my network of select professional colleagues to work on your project when needed.


Anna Palma


My career in communications design began in Manhattan, doing work for high-end organizations and businesses such as MoMa, National Gallery of Art, Northwestern University, McGraw-Hill Publishing and AT&T. That pattern continued when I made the big shift to work in NJ, this time art directing for consumer products, major corporations and world-leading pharma companies such as Good Humor, Bed, Bath & Beyond, Pfizer and Merck.

Being part of strategic and creative teams at global advertising agencies such as Ogilvy and McCann has given me a strong experience with marketing, strategy, collaboration and diverse design challenges.

Visual Insights was created in 2001. I’ve worked as both an independent freelancer for advertising agencies, marketing communications companies and design boutiques, as well as being a one-woman design studio serving corporate clients. Most recently, I enjoy playing a broader role helping small and mid-size businesses.

I strive to communicate the essence of a business. That can be interpreted in a number of ways… giving viewers an emotional sense of an experience with a particular product or service, enabling them to quickly grasp a complicated concept, or taking bountiful information and organizing it visually so the message is clearly understood.

When I’m not buzzing away at my work, I love to be outside, preferably making my way across land or water, recharging my creative batteries. I’m also an avid yoga & meditation practitioner.

If you’re interested in working together, or just considering the next step in your marketing plan, please contact me for a free consultation.